Mandarin Chinese & Spanish Immersion Elementary School

Preparing bright minds for a changing world

new location: 295 E. Yale Loop, Irvine CA 92604

We develop healthy, creative, intellectually curious students in an ethical and nurturing environment.

Within a Mandarin Chinese & Spanish immersion experience, we provide an individually paced, academically intensive education.

We believe that:

• play, free time, independent reading and creative artistic expression are vital components of development,

• advanced academics in an immersion setting triggers intellectual growth,

• teaching children to treat others with kindness and respect fosters healthy emotional development,

• absorbing foreign languages through immersion at a young age is beneficial for brain development,

• fostering self-responsibility and independent learning builds accountability and confidence,

• a trilingual education is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children in order to best prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century.


 70% Mandarin Chinese, 10% Spanish, 20% English 

• Small class sizes (6:1 or smaller)

• Individualized learning; children advance in math, reading and writing at their own pace

• No homework until 5th grade
We are located in, Irvine, not far from Newport Beach or John Wayne Airport. We are a few minutes’ drive from the 405 freeway.
  • "I'm inspired by the mission of Seashore Academy and look forward to the day when we have our first Seashore graduates on our campus. One of the defining attributes of our school is having a diverse group of students who bring many different perspectives to the learning environment. With Seashore Academy's focus on a trilingual education, their students will be well prepared for the world we will all face in the 21st century."

    - Gordon McNeill, Head, Sage Hill School

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