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“Why Seashore Academy? There are many reasons why we sent our daughter there: small class size, she’s learning Chinese and a bit of Spanish, the school fosters learning a variety of subjects, independence is encouraged in the classroom…. I could go on and on! After a free trial class offered by Marlene, our daughter asked if she could go back again. My wife and I were open to the idea of making a change, but we wanted to make sure our daughter understood the circumstances. This meant leaving her friends and a school she was extremely happy in, to a school where new relationships and procedures will  need to be formed. Our daughter had no problem with it, which led us to believe there must be something about Seashore. So we made the leap and enrolled her mid school year…and our daughter is excited for school every day!!! Ultimately, that’s what most important to us.”  -Jeff, parent.

My daughter went to public schools when we first came to the United States. As a mom, I was very worried to see her not making any progress. So, my friend introduced me to Seashore Academy. Within a year, I was amazed to see my daughter making learning progress and becoming more comfortable with sharing her ideas. Thanks to the small class size, my daughter gets more attention from teachers, and teachers are better able to understand her needs. She loves going to school here because she’s able to connect more closely with her peers- all of her classmates are her best friends!  Shiyan, parent. 

我的女兒剛來美國在公立學校 一直沒有提升學,做媽媽的非常著急做後在朋友的介紹下來到Seashore Academy。在一年的時間裡,女兒從什麼都不懂到跟別人很流暢的交流,讓我很是吃驚。在這個小團體裡,女兒得到了更細心的幫助和指導。他非常喜歡這裡,因為朋友的關係會更親密,每個同學都是他最好的朋友。traditional character translation from Shiyan
我的女儿刚来美国在公立学校一直没有提升学,做妈妈的非常着急做后在朋友的介绍下来到Seashore Academy。在一年的时间里,女儿从什么都不懂到跟别人很流畅的交流,让我很是吃惊。在这个小团体里,女儿得到了更细心的帮助和指导。他非常喜欢这里因为朋友的关系会更亲密,每个同学都是他最好的朋友。simplified character translation from Shiyan 

Seashore has been an amazing experience for our family.  Our kids (twins) are learning and growing at a pace I didn’t know was possible. Last week my 6 year old was talking in her sleep in Chinese! If you are looking for language immersion and individual attention for your child in a small classroom setting, Seashore is the only school in Orange County.  –Gunner, parent (from Yelp)

My husband and I are both trilingual.  I was born in Italy and speak both Italian and Spanish fluently.  My husband is a Harvard trained pediatrician and hospital specialist.  He grew up speaking Mandarin Chinese, but also speaks Spanish to his patients.  We searched all over Orange County for the best education for our twins and found it at Seashore Academy.  Here, our children are surrounded by highly qualified and loving teachers who tailor their instruction to each child’s individual needs.  Our children are mastering difficult subjects quickly. What’s more important is their love for school.  We look forward to our children excelling in this rich environment. –Lina, parent (from Yelp)

My children are excited to go to school and come home bubbling with excitement about learning.  The fact that they love to learn; sparked with curiosity and a desire to grow is exactly what I hoped for in a school.  It builds their confidence.  They have an empowered understanding of who they are and what they can achieve.  This is priceless!<
I believe that the above is accomplished because Seashore offers an individualized curriculum that allows a child to learn at their own pace.  We work with amazing,  carefully chosen teachers in addition to Educational Specialist.  The program allows me to know exactly how my children are performing,  where their weaknesses are and together (staff, ES and teachers) are a team creating and implementing programs designed specifically for my children.  I know this advantage has  made a world of difference for my own family.
The cherry on top is that my children maintain and grow their Mandarin skills and get to be with other like-minded families. – The Wang Family