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Our mission is to develop engaged, creative, intellectually curious students in a collaborative learning environment that instills strong moral character. We provide custom schooling, adaptive learning, and an academically intensive curriculum in order to best prepare our students for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century.

Our Benefits

Customization & Acceleration

We offer families the opportunity to choose the classes to best suit the needs, interests and abilities of each child regardless of age and grade level.

Academic Excellence

Our structured, high-quality academic program is focused on fostering intellectual curiosity as well as on building a strong command of core subjects.

Joy and Intellectual Curiosity

Our goal is to create JOY at Seashore, so that children love learning. When school is fun, students love to learn, which fosters intellectual curiosity.


We infuse our curriculum and culture with old-fashioned values, including kindness, respect, gratitude, humility, hard work, forgiveness, discipline and fortitude.


Upon choosing classes, students and families are provided a strict, structured curriculum with specific objectives of each topic covered, including homework assignments.

Nurturing Setting

We provide a physically & emotionally safe, structured, disciplined environment focused on kindness & respect for all.

Best Private School Orange County

Custom Schooling

Students have the option of attending 1-5 days/week on a regular, customized schedule. 

Mondays and Fridays are our adaptive learning, while Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are our traditional academic days. 

The 3 traditional academic days need to be taken in conjunction.

We offer boutique specialty experiences that are 5 days a week only, including:

custom schooling seashore

Other Programs

Our Students

"Best top Ranked Private School in Orange County"

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We offer a wide range of unique courses and programs in the Orange County that encourage children to live a meaningful and purposeful life.  We provide our children caring and inspiring environment through which they develop and sharpen their intellectual abilities to excel in any academic environment.  Our unique approach to education makes us the best private school in Orange County. 

Shaping your child’s future at private school in orange county There are several parents who are selecting the education rendered in a private school of Orange County in order to teach their kids the requisite skill for an ever-changing world. We are here to mold each and every child for a better future with our range of educational options. So, why would you choose us to offer your kids the unique educational experience of private schooling, and is it worth your financial investment? • Greater Choice and Flexibility The benefit that you gain is that we offer better equipped offering your families offering a quality on-campus as well as remote learning experiences along with the choice and flexibility for moving between the two as the community now is impacted through COVID. We can break the students as well as the teachers into the smaller pods or cohorts by having a low student-to-teacher ratio and greater campus as well as classroom spaces. We also have the resources for investing in professional and technological development resources. • Instilling the love of learning in kids We offer the flexibility to teach how the students would learn the best delivering challenging academics in the most innovative ways in our private schools. We engage our students with the “freedom within a framework,” tapping on the natural curiosities stroking their desired learning and creating them are lifelong learners who are thriving in their future. • We offer differentiated learning. Our teachers can streamline their lessons to meet the different skills, interests as well as concerns of our students with the help of lower student-to-teacher ratios. Our teachers even can respond and meet with every kind where they academically push forward their students with the right of balancing the challenge. The students thereby feel confident as well as assured in their academic abilities throughout their educational journey. • Shaping Students for Their Future We prepare our students for the future equipped with academically rigorous curricula that can be incorporated into the tough-to-teach skills, including critical thinking, proactiveness, along collaboration. Our school combines the challenges in curriculum with the innovative and powerful experiences of graduating students with the skills of the 21st century, making them leaders who are driven by purpose.