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About Seashore Academy

Seashore provides families with both the quality of an elite private education as well as the flexibility and freedom provided to homeschoolers. Families may customize each student’s academic schedule to best suit the individual needs of each child.

We are dedicated to creating a safe, nurturing environment where students love to learn.

We are a community focused on instilling strong moral character and values in our students.

We offer boutique specialty experiences for our students, including:

Our Benefits

Customization & Acceleration

We offer families the opportunity to choose the classes to best suit the needs, interests and abilities of each child regardless of age and grade level.

Academic Excellence

Our structured, high-quality academic program is focused on fostering intellectual curiosity as well as on building a strong command of core subjects.

Joy and Intellectual Curiosity

Our goal is to create JOY at Seashore, so that children love learning. When school is fun, students love to learn, which fosters intellectual curiosity.


Upon choosing classes, students and families are provided a strict, structured curriculum with specific objectives of each topic covered, including homework assignments.


We infuse our curriculum and culture with old-fashioned values, including kindness, respect, gratitude, humility, hard work, forgiveness, discipline and fortitude.

Nurturing Setting

We provide a physically & emotionally safe, structured, disciplined environment focused on kindness & respect for all.

Main Programs
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What Parents Are Saying:

TED Talks

We are passionate about igniting a lifetime love of learning. At Seashore, we encourage children to think out of the box, to try new activities, to fail, make mistakes and get back up and try again. We seek to develop creativity, joy and GRIT in our students.
These two TED talks speak to our goals for our students:

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