Students Should Learn Entrepreneurship


There are several reasons why students should learn entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship can help students develop skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and innovation, which are valuable in any career. Entrepreneurship education […]

Benefits of Screen-free Learning

screen free learning

Screen-free learning, also known as unplugged learning, refers to educational activities that do not involve the use of electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. Some benefits of screen-free […]

Let’s Reduce Sugar Intake

reduce sugar

At Seashore academy, teachers do not reward children with sugary snacks for doing well in the classroom. We also encourage birthday celebrations with balloons, stickers, games, and other non-sugary rewards. […]

Public Speaking is a Valuable Skill

public speaking

Public speaking is a valuable skill that can benefit students in many ways. There are several reasons why it is important for students to learn public speaking, including: Confidence: Learning […]

The Importance of Financial Management

financial management

Financial management is an essential life skill that can help students become financially responsible and secure adults. There are several reasons why it is important for students to learn financial […]

The Importance of Small Class Sizes

importance of small class size

Small class sizes can provide several benefits for students, including: Increased individual attention: With fewer students in a class, teachers are able to give each student more individual attention and […]

Custom Schooling

custom schooling

Custom schooling is a form of education that combines traditional classroom instruction with the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling. The benefits of custom schooling include: Flexibility: custom schooling allows students […]