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Seashore Anaheim provides K-12 students a social and academic community in which to excel academically AND develop friendships.

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Our Subjects

Choose among the variety of subjects to suit your child’s desires and interests.

Singapore Math

This comprehensive, intuitive curriculum will be covered in a highly sequential weekly format. Students will be given instruction in the week’s lesson, and parents will know exactly what topics are covered each week with the easy-to-follow course syllabus, provided. Review and homework assignments are optional, to be completed at home as desired.

Please keep in mind that Singapore Math is approx. 1 year ahead of most schools by grade level (i.e. 5A & 5B is closer to what most schools cover in 6th grade).

English Language Arts

This curriculum encompasses grammar, writing, reading comprehension and spelling. We provide weekly assignments.

Art Masters

In this class, our trained teacher will spend time teaching the students about the Great Artists of the World, including Picasso, O’Keefe, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and more. After learning about the artist’s life, geography, history and cultural context, students will paint or draw a replica of one of the artist’s famous pieces.


Hands on Science! In this fun, interactive class, students will learn the mechanics behind Newton’s laws of Physics & also cover topical Astronomy concepts . Specially designed to be practical, with experiential activities bringing theory to life.


Using the acclaimed Story of the World curriculum, our students work through a global historical experience incorporating Geography, History, Culture, Politics, Economics and more. Interactive in nature, these history classes are designed for children to grasp historical patterns and gain a comprehensive global worldview.

Lego Construction

We bring the Legos and the construction techniques, and children get to unleash! While imaginations soar, our teachers teach construction techniques, go over goals, plans and dreams, and help children create the object of their dreams.

Sign Language

This fun, interactive class incorporates sensory activities and teaches children how to use American Sign Language to communicate with the hearing-impaired.

Leadership & Public Speaking

In this class, students will be taught the basics of being the leaders in their own lives. From planning homework assignments to organizing their closets to doing laundry, the teacher will be instructing students on how to manage themselves on a practical level, encouraging self-responsibility and accountability. Furthermore, students will be taught how to present their experience in front of others. Learning to speak in public at an early age is a life asset; it will become easier and easier with each progressing month.


In this class, our students have fun learning to converse in Spanish. Through oral repetition, dialogue and song, students learn to make the language come alive for practical daily interaction. Emphasis on correct pronunciation will be given. There will also be an introduction to written Spanish. 


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