Advanced Academics Customized for your child

Seashore continues to offer superb math, science & history. Our Classical English Elementary program emphasizes old-fashioned classic literature, English grammar, writing skills and public speaking. While we focus on the fundamentals, we offer a modern, customized approach in doing so:

• Customized schedule of classes for each child’s academic level

• Advanced & accelerated academic class options

• Structured curriculum and lesson plans

• Flexible, individualized schedule options

• Strong core values, good discipline, respectful culture

• Safe, nurturing environment


At Seashore Academy, we pride ourselves on providing a structured, disciplined, high-caliber academic environment. We serve those who are accelerated across the board, who are stronger in some subjects but not others, who are twice-exceptional, and who learn at their own pace.

English immersion students cover math & English language arts on Mondays & Wednesdays, history & science on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and public speaking, literature discussion and STEM interactive group work on Fridays. We encourage public speaking, group collaboration, writing skills, conversation and debate.

We continue to provide advanced science, history and mathematics and allow students to move to the level which provides them the best challenge.