Homeschool Drop Off Days, M-F

Want to customize your child’s education?

Want to pick and choose classes based on your child’s ability, not age?

Want quality academics?

Want the benefits of a private school, but the flexibility of homeschooling?

Want two days/week to be zero cost to you?

 We can help.

You get to:

Mix and match any number of days.

Customize your child’s academic classes throughout the day; you do not need to stick to your child’s grade level.

Use charter funds to cover up to 2 days/week of tuition*.

(If choosing the Singapore math classes, we recommend M/W go together).

TK-9th (9th graders may obtain high school credit for certain classes)

Cost per semester for non-Valiant students:

For each 2 day hybrid, Sept- Jan. and/or Jan. – June: $2600

For each day, per semester: $650

Fridays only: $600/semester

M/W:  Math & Grammar focus, STEM, Literature, International Studies & Beginning Chinese
Tu/Thurs: History, Science, World Art Masters, Sign Language 
Fridays: International Studies, Lego Construction, Cooking, Leadership Skills, Beginning Chinese
We provide:

• Structured, rigorous academic programs in Math, Language Arts, History & Science

• Interactive classes in STEM, World Art Masters, International Studies, and Foreign Language

• A sequential lesson plan and curriculum, by week, semester & year

You may sign your child up for any combination of classes; you do not need to stick to a grade level.

Mondays and/or Wednesdays: 

Mon/Wed may be stand-alone days except if you’re enrolling your child in math, in which case we strongly suggest a Mon/Wed pairing.

Math, Language Arts & Study Skills

TK & K 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th & 8th
8:45-10:00 Singapore Math Kinder Singapore Math 1A & 1B Grammar Grammar Grammar Public Speaking Public Speaking Public Speaking
10:15-11:30 Grammar Grammar Singapore Math 2A & 2B Singapore Math 3A & 3B STEM STEM STEM STEM
11:30-12:00 lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch
12:00-1:15 Lit. & Book Club Semi-private tutoring Lit. & Book Club Semi-private tutoring Singapore Math 4A & 4B Singapore Math 5A & 5B International Studies International Studies
1:30-2:45 Grammar Lit. & Book Club Grammar Lit. & Book Club Lit. & Book Club Beginning Mandarin Chinese Singapore Math 6A & 6B Beginning Mandarin Chinese


Tuesdays & Thursdays:

Tuesdays and Thursdays may be chosen as independent, stand-alone days.

STEM (Astronomy & Physics), World History, Art Masters and Sign Language


TK & Kinder 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th & 8th
8:45-10:00 History History History History Beginning Mandarin Chinese (TK-8th)  STEM STEM Art Masters
10:15-11:30 STEM STEM STEM STEM History History History Astronomy
11:30-12:00 lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch
12:00-1:15 Art Masters Art Masters Art Masters Art Masters Sign Language Sign Language Sign Language Sign Language
1:30-2:45 Sign Language Sign Language Sign Language Sign Language Art Masters Art Masters Art Masters Writing with Humor
Lego Construction, International Studies, Leadership & Public Speaking, STEM, Cooking, Literature
TK & Kinder 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th & 8th
8:45-10:00 Lego Construction Painting Lego Construction Beginning Mandarin Chinese (TK-8th) Leadership & Public Speaking Leadership & Public Speaking Leadership & Public Speaking Leadership & Public Speaking
10:15-11:30 STEM STEM STEM Cooking Drawing Cooking STEM Mandarin Chinese 1
11:30-12:30 Lunch & Literature Lunch & Literature Lunch & Literature Lunch & Literature Lunch & Literature Lunch & Literature Lunch & Literature Lunch & Book Discussion (7 Habits of Highly Effective People)
12:30-1:45 Leadership & Public Speaking Leadership & Public Speaking Leadership & Public Speaking Leadership & Public Speaking International Studies International Studies International Studies International Studies (with cooking)

Singapore Math:
This comprehensive, intuitive curriculum will be covered in a highly sequential weekly format. Students will be given instruction in the week’s lesson, and parents will know exactly what topics are covered each week with the easy-to-follow course syllabus, provided. Review and homework assignments are optional, to be completed at home as desired. Please keep in mind that Singapore Math is approx. 1 year ahead of most schools by grade level (i.e. 5A & 5B is closer to what most schools cover in 6th grade).

Saxon English: This curriculum encompasses grammar, writing, reading comprehension and spelling. We provide weekly assignments and parents will know exactly where we are each week.

Literature & Book Club: The magic of group learning comes alive in literary discussions! Use the power of a group to enhance reading comprehension skills. Our teachers will guide and challenge students to think about each character in more depth and consider different perspectives on a storyline. This year, we’re reading books from the Chronicles of Narnia.

Study Skills: In this class, your student will have supervised time to complete homework assignments with the guidance and instruction of a trained teacher. Not only will the teacher help the students plan their time, but she will also keep the students on task to make best use of the class time.

World Art Masters: In this class, our trained teacher will spend time teaching the students about the Great Artists of the World, including Picasso, O’Keefe, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and more. After learning about the artist’s life, geography, history and cultural context, students will paint or draw a replica of one of the artist’s famous pieces.

STEM: Hands on Science! In this fun, interactive class, students will learn the mechanics behind Newton’s laws of Physics. Specially designed to be practical, with experiential activities bringing theory to life.

History: Using the acclaimed Story of the World curriculum, our students work through a global historical experience incorporating Geography, History, Culture, Politics, Economics and more. Interactive in nature, these history classes are designed for children to grasp historical patterns and gain a comprehensive global worldview.

Beginning Mandarin Chinese: Designed for beginners, this course focuses on the ability to orally communicate and converse in Mandarin Chinese. We are building the neuro pathways for future linguistic development.

Sign Language: This fun, interactive class incorporates sensory activities and teaches children how to use American Sign Language to communicate with the hearing-impaired.

Lego Construction: We bring the Legos and the construction techniques, and children get to unleash! While imaginations soar, our teachers teach construction techniques, go over goals, plans and dreams, and help children create the object of their dreams.

Leadership & Public Speaking: In this class, students will be taught the basics of being the leaders in their own lives. From planning homework assignments to organizing their closets to doing laundry, the teacher will be instructing students on how to manage themselves on a practical level, encouraging self-responsibility and accountability. Furthermore, students will be taught how to present their experience in front of others. Learning to speak in public at an early age is a life asset; it will become easier and easier with each progressing month.

Lunch & Literature: Lunch hour doubles up as Book Club! During this time together, students will be led by an experienced English teacher to discuss an assigned literature series. The teacher will delve into character analysis, competing views on events, historical perspective, and more. A terrific way to structure your child’s reading into high-end literature!

Writing with Humor: In this class, our students have fun expressing themselves and hone their writing skills in the process. From creating their own comic strips (complete with topic, character development and dialogue) to writing scripts, it’s guaranteed to be a room full of laughter!

Tuition, Per Semester

Two Full Days (M/W or T/Th), Any portion of the semester running Jan 7 -June 1: $2600.00 or $520/mo*

Fridays, Jan 5-June 1: $1200 total or $240/mo*.

Charter funds accepted from Excel, Sage Oak (pending), Inspire,  Method and Valiant. Homeschool classes are in English. (Introductory foreign languages optional.)

*Valiant families receive 50% off listed tuition fees.

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