About Seashore Academy:

Seashore Academy is a private academy supporting the needs of those who want the academic excellence and structured environment of private education with the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling. 

Our Education:

We keep it down to the basics and want each student to have a strong foundation in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and History. Students have the opportunity to engage in foreign languages such as Chinese, American Sign Language and Spanish as well.
By placing children by their ability instead of age, our program allows students to excel in their strengths and weaknesses.

We average 15:1 students per teacher and we are committed to maintaining small class sizes.

All of our students are legally homeschooled. This provides them the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling with the structure and support of Seashore.
We do provide a report card and regular assessments.

Registered parents may access our membership web portal, where the monthly curriculum for each grade level is posted. In addition, we have an app system as well as Google Classroom which allows our administrators and teachers to communicate with parents.

We have four classes per day plus two half-hour recess periods. 

Families may budget for tuition, books and supplies without the hassle and pressure of galas, auctions, and so forth. Our uniforms consist of solid color, red, white, and navy blue polos and khaki and navy pants, skirts or shorts. The official uniform is from Land’s End, but generic uniforms from Target, Old Navy or Costco are also acceptable.
The goal of both these policies is to keep our students focused on good values and on academics.

Seashore students, with very few exceptions, are not allowed to use Chromebooks, cell phones, smart watches or tablets on campus. We teach in the traditional manner with pencil and paper.

For the Newport campus, 9:15-2:45.

For the HB campus, 11:00-2:30 for the 2020-21 school year; 11:00-3:00 for the 2021-22 school year


For tuition and payment, please refer to our “Tuition” page – https://seashoreacademy.org/tuition/

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