1-5 days per week on a custom schedule

How It Works

We offer multiple options for you to customize your child's educational experience. Each campus has a unique academic schedule.

Seashore is an academic enrichment center providing structure and a nurturing social environment. We provide a structured academic set of days from which to choose. Since Seashore is not a school, all students are 1) legally home schooled or 2) are enrolled in public charter independent study schools or 3) are in public district online schools. If you’d like to legally independently home school in CA, fill out the free online form called the PSA (private school affidavit) between Oct. 1-15 each year: http://www3.cde.ca.gov/psa/

If your former school requires a PSA immediately, please file the 2019-2020 PSA which the CA Department of Education has said will be valid until Sept. 30th, 2020.

Below prices are effective as of July 11, 2020.

Newport Beach 

 1-5 Days/Week

Tu/Thurs are core academic days and MUST be paired 

$4,500/year for 2 days

  • Additional Elective Days
  • Price is per 1 additional day/week
  • $2,250/year


2-3 Days/Week

Mon/Wed/Thurs (Mon/Wed must be paired) 

$2,800/year for 2 days

  • Additional Elective Days
  • Price is per 1 additional day/week
  • $1,400/year

Mission Viejo

Campus is temporarily closed due to charter funds being cut by Sacramento. We will update when we have a re-opening date.

 Tues, Wed., Thurs

Live Zoom Seashore Classes 9:25-2:30

Live ZOOM classes (temporarily)

  • Tues., Wed., Thurs.

Huntington Beach 

1-5 days

From 11:00 – 2:30

$2,795/year for 2 days

  • $4,995 if attending all 5 days 

Want more information?

TEXT: 949-478-3097; CALL: 949-215-5890

Email: admin@seashoreacademy.org