Huntington Beach campus

Seashore HB offers custom schooling 1-5 days per week. We offer excellent academics and engaging elective classes to keep learning fun, relevant and meaningful.

Families may customize their days by signing up for a Mon/Wed combination, Tu/Thurs combination, and add Fridays if they choose. Most of our families come 5 days per week, but many come 3-4 days per week. Our morning electives are all optional, and we have partnered with Surf and Dance programs as well!

Students may surf or dance in the morning and take our school bus to campus by 11 AM, the start of our academic day. For more information on surf, go to: and for more information on our dance program, go to

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Seashore HB 2021-22 Campus Schedule

11:00 AM – 3:00 PM Seashore Academic Day

Mondays & Wednesdays need to be paired, and Tuesdays and Thursdays need to be paired.

Fridays are stand-alone days. Morning and Afternoon Electives are optional additions and may be taken in any combination.

Morning Elective Option
(K - 3rd Grade)
Morning Elective Option
(4th - 7th Grade)
11:00Start of the Academic Day
11:00-11:40Math InstructionApplied MathMath InstructionApplied MathMath Drills
11:40-12:10 Lunch
12:10-12:50Writing SkillsEnglish InstructionWriting SkillsEnglish InstructionWriting Skills
12:50-1:20 Break
2:00-2:10 Break
2:10-2:50STEMArt MastersPublic SpeakingFinancial ManagementProduct Design
2:50-3:00 Clean up & End

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