Seashore Academy


Engage your toddler in sensory developmental fine motor and social-emotional activities! Our fun, interactive classes are a great way to stimulate brain development. Parent or caregiver must be present.

For children up to 4 years of age.

Weekly activities include:

Craft Creations

Crafting not only keeps children engaged but also encourages fine motor skills, problem-solving and nurtures a host of other creative behaviors.

Rhythm Sticks

Creating music enables children to use a multi-sensory approach to learning. When children make music they are listening, seeing, moving, and feeling.

Between the Lines

The idea isn't only to expose your child to a story; you're teaching your child to enjoy books as a whole!

Kids in the Kitchen

Creating recipes together, and bringing them to life!

Artistic Adventures

“Every child is an artist,” said Pablo Picasso! The process is what's important, not the end result.

Tumble Time

The play-based activities offer benefits that range beyond the cardiovascular; freedom of movement activities are sensory-stimulating, problem-solving, esteem-boosting powerhouses.

Tea with Me

It's also a great way to instill proper table manners using a means that's nothing but fun.

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