Seashore Academy

We wanted to take a moment to give our sincere thanks for welcoming our family into your Academy. Seashore has made such a difference in our daughters’ life, and ours too! She doesn’t dread getting out of the car to go to school anymore and when we pick her up, she has a smile on her face. What a relief it was to find your school after months of searching. Seashore Academy is the perfect balance of home school meets private school. The academics in the core subjects are challenging and keep our daughter on her toes. She also loves learning about the financial world and how to become an entrepreneur. She always has access to her teachers and really loves the casual environment and small class size. The teachers at Seashore create a friendly learning environment so she can express herself without fear. She feels like her opinion matters and loves the open discussions. Thank you all for helping her learn how to think and not what to think.

Thank you for putting families first. We love that you believe that the parents are in charge. We get to decide when our daughter comes and goes to school. We get to take her on important family trips with no guilt, no unexcused absences, no penalties (other than she needs to make up her work, of course) and no forms to fill out. And when we return, she gets welcomed back to school with open arms. Love that! We love that Seashore does not teach sexual education, that’s our job as parents. We love the short school day and optional elective classes so our daughter can spend time on other interests, like learning to fly and learning to speak Italian!

Our family lives a healthy lifestyle and love that Seashore recognizes that kids’ good behavior starts with their diet. Thank you for encouraging low sugar snacks and lunch at school.

Everyone has been so sweet and friendly and welcoming to us. We are so grateful to you all.

The best part of this whole experience is that we have a happy kid who feels like she belongs. From the start of her day at carpool, to passing by the friendly reception desk, being greeted by her amazing teachers, and getting to hang with her great new friends…it makes for a great day!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,