Mandarin Immersion

Want your child to be fluent in oral and written Mandarin Chinese?

Our Mandarin Immersion program does just that.

Your child will not just scratch the surface; your child will delve into a deep level of fluency. Your child will be speaking, reading, writing, and playing in Chinese.


Comprehensive program

Why Mandarin?

Want accelerated math, science or English? We allow parents to choose classes based on a child’s ability, not age.

Want your child to pass the AP Mandarin test by 8th grade? That’s our goal, and our first class of students is doing just that.

Want authentic comprehension and knowledge? Our students have an organic ability to read, write and speak; we do not encourage meaningless rote memorization.

Small group studies

Our Approach

We have a small, intimate homeschool style group with a designated Mandarin teacher.

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2019–2020 Annual Fees
(Tuition, Books, Supplies, and Activity Fees included.)

Registration Fee, non-refundable
$350 per child ($500 per family)
$500 per child books & supplies fee

Mandarin Immersion Tuition :$10,295
-Option 1: 10% upfront discount paid by 6/1/2019
-Option 2: 20% of Regular Tuition & 10 remaining installments due 7/1/19-4/1/20
(10% sibling discount)
Charter funds may be applied. Once charter funds are received, we will credit your account.

A non-refundable enrollment fee of $500 per family for the Mandarin Immersion program is payable upon the signing of the Enrollment Contract. This covers all books and supplies, and secures your child’s place at Seashore Academy for the coming year.

Tuition is payable in 1) ten installments, with 20% non-refundable down payment due by June 1, or 2) by the year, due June 1, with a 10% overall discount.  Those choosing to pay installments must pay the remaining 80% over ten installments, billed July 1, 2019- April 1, 2020.

There is a 10% sibling discount for the Mandarin immersion program.



How To Register Your Child for Seashore Academy

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