Academic excellence fostering a love of learning

Our students learn Mandarin Chinese by living it. 70% of classes are taught in Mandarin Chinese and daily tasks, such as putting on one’s shoes, going to recess, or washing one’s hands, are discussed in Chinese. In addition, 30% of the class time is conducted in English.

Our goal is to create a fun, engaging, and joyful atmosphere in which to learn about the world. Our students are passionate and curious, and we aim to maximize internal motivation and the love of learning. We foster a rich reading environment and encourage questions and creativity.

While doing so, we uphold high standards for English reading, writing and grammar.

Topic Centered Learning

We delve into topics and discuss each one in each of the 3 languages. Then, we examine it from a variety of angles (geographical, historical, scientific, and so on). Next, the students learn vocabulary and grammar through reading and writing about the topic. Finally, students practice speaking publicly about what they have learned, integrating their understanding on all realms.


  • Mandarin Chinese: Meizhou Chinese
  • English: English Spectrum
  • Math: Singapore Math
  • Social Studies: Story of the World
  • Science: Classical Science
  • Art: Global Art Masters
  • Leadership 


Command of oral and written English & Mandarin Chinese

Build a strong foundation in mathematics, science, world history and English grammar

Strengthen Executive Function

Develop critical thinking skills

Build responsible leaders

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