Westside Campus

1537 Franklin St. Santa Monica, CA 90404

Custom School at Westside, Los Angeles, CA

We develop engaged, life-long learners through fun, hands-on, meaningful lessons and activities.
Students may attend 1-5 days/week on a customized schedule. We provide a structured, systematic academic curriculum.
Core Academic days & Elective days:
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday must be combined as these three days comprise our academic instructional module. 
Mondays and Fridays are stand-alone elective days and may be taken alone or in combination with any other sets of days.
Classes are designed to be inquiry-based with an emphasis on collaboration and student engagement.


We provide


Seashore Westside 2022-23 Campus Schedule

9:15-9:30Pledge of Allegiance
9:35-10:35 ClassSTEMArt MastersPublic SpeakingFinancial ManagementProduct Design
10:35-11:00Snack & Recess
11:00-12:00Math InstructionApplied MathMath InstructionApplied MathMath Drills
12:00-12:30Lunch & Recess
12:30-1:30Writing SkillsEnglish InstructionWriting SkillsEnglish InstructionWriting Skills

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