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We may have experienced being under the weather, being ill, having conditions, having surgeries where you’re recovering, and others are taking care of you.  And my overall question for all of this that we’re facing in these last in this last year and a half, who has the right to say whether I can be sick or not? Maybe I want to be sick. Maybe I want to be exposed to the different illnesses and diseases and things that are out there. Maybe for me I want to have that time where I can be in bed enough others take care of me. Maybe I believe that my body is going through a cleansing phase, a rebuilding phase, a time to get stronger like clearing out the clutter. 

What is so wrong with being sick? Why are people afraid of being sick? I have always recovered from my illnesses, and if I don’t well that was in God’s will so along the way I’m not going to live in fear of being sick because as I just pointed out there could be some benefits. So the overall question and the overall
premise which is a statement or an idea that has been presented to us and from which all of the conclusions have been drawn what in the world is wrong with being sick?


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